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Working from home

Lord. Some weeks, I think the only thing that gets me through, is the fact that I get to work from home occasionally. I work in an area of the building where there is no way to see outside. No natural light. If it is a snowstorm or sun-shiny day, I will not know the […]

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Bicycling to Work

I’ve always wanted to live close enough to my work to be able to bike there. The thought of leaving a smaller footprint on the earth by bicycling somewhere I go five days a week has appeal to me. Also appealing, is the drive at the busiest time of day is a major dislike of […]

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Work-Life Balance

Have you heard this yet? Work. Sleep. Family. Fitness. Friends.      Pick 3. Randi Zuckerburg (sis of Mark, Facebook fame), call’s this the “entrepreneur’s dilemma” according to her 2011 tweet.  Lately, I’ve seen this written about often. The concept says a person can focus on three of the five, but can’t give sufficient time/energy/focus to all […]