Single Awareness Day

Did you all make it through, “Single Awareness Day”? valentines-day-i-hate-it_o_1129298

Ya know, Valentine’s Day. This year I just ignored the entire day — except for getting “Love” gifts for my grands.

I didn’t wear red as in previous years; I didn’t have anxiety the week before; and I gave it no notice whatsoever.

The most thought I gave to it was when walking by the security station at my work’s front door and saw all the flower deliveries.  To myself I said, “huh.”

In year’s past, I’ve dreaded it.  If you are in a couple, you have such a different view. Most of my friends are either married or in long-term relationships. In fact, one just received a ring and proposal for marriage. I never thought I’d be single in my 50s, but there you go.

— Namaste