Memorial Day

For many years, I cleaned out my garage on Memorial day to get it clean for the summer and on Labor to clean it for the winter.  It was an extra day to get things done in tima household with four messy, but lovely little kids.

After my two sons served in the military, it was — and still is — a day to be proud of them and their service. Along with a day to t&jget things done and be glad it is summer.

But this year, it reminds me that we are at war and have been since 2001 — the Global War on Terror — and the general public doesn’t seem to care. Vietnam was 11 years long.

Seventeen years of war with a military that doesn’t have a draft. How taxing must this be on the families of those servicemen and women to continue? I don’t know what to do about that, but it crosses my mind this year.

Enjoy the day. Fly the flag. And, now I need to go clean my garage.

— Namaste