Pesto Baby

It’s September. In my four-season location in mid-Merica, it is time to harvest my deck basil crop.

My one basil plant. Plucked off the leaves while watching Girl Boss on Netflix.

“Crop” may be misleading, but my one plant yielded 4 cups.

I used the pesto recipe I found on the New York Times website. I probably added a bit more pine nuts than the recipe asked for which gave it a bitter after taste. This is not noticeable when used as a sandwich spread.Basil_Pile

It really feels good to finally harvest. There have been many years, where I water a couple of times a week for three months and NEVER use the herbs I grow.

Finished Pesto

I made homemade focaccia to use my thyme and this pesto for sandwiches.

Look at me. Starting to grow up at 52.

— Namaste

Chive On

Over Labor Day weekend, I cut down my chives that I have been growing in my deck garden. I love to cut them fresh when I am cooking in the summer.Chives1

However, why miss out on this fresh taste during the winter?Chives2

I cut them down and freeze small amounts in snack freezer bags so I can simply grab a bag and dump it in whatever dish I am making at the time. They taste fresh even after months being frozen.

I put the Netflix hit, Girl Boss, on the TV so I ChivesInBagshave something to listen to while I work.  A few episodes later, I’m done. Easy peasy.

— Namaste