Work-Life Balance

Have you heard this yet?

Work. Sleep. Family. Fitness. Friends.      Pick 3.

Randi Zuckerburg (sis of Mark, Facebook fame), call’s this the “entrepreneur’s dilemma” according to her 2011 tweet.  Lately, I’ve seen this written about often.

The concept says a person can focus on three of the five, but can’t give sufficient time/energy/focus to all five.  I agree.  It isn’t a concept that is for entrepreneurs only.  We can’t have it all — something has to give.  And, this three-out-of-five concept is such a concise, simple description of what has been true for me for years.

Out of the five, I pick sleep, family, and fitness.  Believe me; I’m working, but I’m not dedicating extra time to grow a business or putting in exorbitant effort to get ahead in my profession.  Likewise, I have friends but cultivating many friend relationships, has never been my focus.

When I say, I “pick” sleep, family, and fitness, it all has happened naturally, subconsciously — completely without me knowing I was picking.

Sleep. I’m a person who needs a lot of sleep and values sleep over getting up early or staying up late to hang with friends.

Family. I have four kids and while they were in my house, I always said I didn’t have time for friends. Now, that the kids are out of the house, it still is true because keeping up with the lives of grown children, is actually more work.

Fitness. If you would have unexpectedly asked me if I focus on fitness, I’d have said no. However, looking at my time and what I don’t let get derailed with the other two life silos, I pick fitness.

So what three have you picked?