Working from home

Lord. Some weeks, I think the only thing that gets me through, is the fact that I get to work from home occasionally.


I work in an area of the building where there is no way to see outside. No natural light. If it is a snowstorm or sun-shiny day, I will not know the difference. This goes against everything that is me. If I could work in the open air everyday and still make a living, I would be doing it.

So when I am working remotely, I’ll find some way to feel that breeze on my skin. Only 15 to 20 years to retirement yall! I need something to get me through these weeks.

— Namaste

P.S. . . . and the Budster loves to have buddyme home too so he can lay in the sun.



Apps for my dog

Don’t laugh. Until you’ve spent a sleepless night while your dog freaks because of the thunderstorm happening outside, you may try anything to calm him down. Recently, I’ve searched, downloaded, and become sold on an app for my dog. Ridiculous.

Yes, fuzz butt has acquired a phobia of thunderstorms. It occurred in his second year of life so it was a surprise at first on what was happening. He’s always parked at overhead airplanes (we must be under a flight pattern), but other than he is a fairly easy going dog.

Add to this new development that I live in an apartment building where when fuzz butt barks, he wakes up a building of nice people. Nice people I have to face in the morning.

I want to be a good neighbor. Hence, the need to calm my dawg in the house down. I’m too cheap to go buy a thunder shirt that I’ve seen advertised; so in the middle of the night — out of desperation — I downloaded a white noise app for dogs.

It works. It worked that night and it has worked during subsequent storms. A definite positive of modern technology.

Buddy on a thunderstorm-free night. zzzzzzzzzz

Let me know if you have tried anything else that works.



Nearly Wordless Wednesday


Fuzz butt loves to de-squeakie any dog toy out there.  I surprise him regularly with another victim. Buddy hunts in our bags from the Dollar Store and once found will carry it until we get home. He likes to be the one to carry it in from the car.

It’s amazing how much happiness a dollar can buy.

— Namaste