Single is My Jam Voice from the Middle We Are Family

Friday night dinners

My daughter and I loved to watch the TV show, “Gilmore Girls.” If you’re not familiar it, single mom and daughter Lorelai and Rory had to go to their stodgy grandparents/parents weekly Friday night dinners in exchange for their payment of Rory’s school tuition.  Those visits were epic-ly tense, combative, and dreaded. But it gave […]

Re-invent Yourself at 50 Voice from the Middle We Are Family

Cousins are great

I never played with my cousins growing up, but I see how important they are to my grands. It helps that out of my five grandkids, four are boys of similar ages. (Poor Tuesday) Their personalities are so closely similar. They laugh, fight, connive, cry, hug, learn and love. I’m one of the common denominators […]