Happy Holi Day

Color Festival

Festival_of_Colors_HoliHappy Holi Day to all you celebrating. I work with a group of people located in India and their offices are closed today for this holiday. It made me curious; so last night I googled and wikipediated to learn what this is all about.

Holi started as a Hindu spring festival, but other religious and secular people now celebrate it too. Holi is also known as the “festival of colors” because in order to celebrate, people throw colored powders on each other – friend or stranger. Very similar to a color run, without the running. The date varies every year because it is based on the Hindu calendar and is dependent on the full moon.

Even Google has a cartoon today. So hey…..there’s that.

Anything that is sheer fun is my kind celebration. Namaste.


Do you text your kids with weather reports?

20150201_081335So it snowed last night. This has only happened three or four times this winter. Global warming. Weather extremes. Whatever.

I just love it. My youngest is 24 years old. Still, the first snow of the season, I text all four of my kids with the, “It’s snowing!” text. They know how much I love the snow and I think they all would say they do too.

I love going for walks when it is freezing or snowing because there isn’t anyone else out. It’s so quiet. Insulated with the snow. You can hear and see the most wonderful things. The other day, walking my dog, we ran across five wild turkeys. Those birds have the most beautiful feathers that are every different color of brown with iridescent mixed in. They were just six feet away.