Cycling Century Ride

Two weeks ago, I rode 108 bicycle miles between Sunday through Saturday. This probably wasn’t the first time, but in previous years, I didn’t keep track of my miles. One hundred and eight miles is a time commitment when a person works full-time, has family responsibilities, and is the sole person doing chores around the house. It takes me two full hours on the bike to go about 20-22 miles.

I’ve ridden single days on RAGBRAI  but never over 75 miles.For century ride Tomorrow this ends — with a century ride, 100 miles.  Eight people from the group I’ve been meeting with every week, are taking off at 6am and will ride half way across the state. I’ve been told to put chamois butter on (not sure where), I’ve learned about the Gatorade chews to pop along the way, have my protein bars, have oiled the chain, and filled the tires. I tried to ride this a month ago and only made it 60 miles but it was terribly hot and humid that day. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and low 80s.

If I live, I’ll tell you all about it.

— Namaste

P.S. It was tremendous fun!


Brick and Mortar

brick-and-mortar-online-retail-ts-100704061-largeIf trends are based on my behavior, the brick and mortar stores have something to worry about.  More now than ever.

The past two Christmas, I haven’t stepped into a store. I order my groceries online. I shop online for clothes, shoes, phone cases, glasses, books . . . and so on. I’ve read that 62 percent of U.S. consumers with Internet access now shop online at least once a month.  This seems low to me.

I also was read men are currently shopping 13% more than women. Guess we better do away with that “women as constant shoppers” myth. What do you think?

— Namaste

Sites for Learning

It’s fun to learn. As I age, learning new things seems to have come into it’s own. I have more time and technology has exploded.

  1. – The University of Reddit. It has everything. Music. Art. Calculus.  It’s rated by joe-shmo so you can see what others feel is the best.
  2. edX – High quality learning from some of the world’s best universities, courses are free and self-paced.
  3. Alison – Over 800 free online courses from well known names such as Microsoft.
  4. Big Think – Collection of ‘high-minded’ ideas in the form of brief videos.
  5. Open Culture – One of the pre-eminent directories of free video resources from around the web, lessons in everything!
  6. Cosmo Learning – Free website curating the best educational videos from around the web plus a small range of blended courses.
  7. Coursera – 2,000 courses from top universities like Yale and Stanford all free for you.
  8. khan Academy – seems more geared for the K-12 student but I’ll list it.

— Namaste

Weight Maintenance After 50


— Namaste

No. No. No.  I’ll write more than that. 🙂

I’ve always been able to eat quite a bit and stay fairly slim. I’m tall, active and conscious of calories, food, and how to stay in-check. If my clothes were getting a bit tight, I could eat better for a few days and get back on track quickly.

Then I turned 50 year old. I had always heard that number from older friends as a definite, finite, shift in one’s body efficiency. It’s so true. It’s like a switch was thrown from the pudgy gods, and my body rules changed in, oh, so many ways.

Six months before I was 50, I started my current job.  Immediately, my sciatica started acting up, a bulging disc in my back began, and my hips started giving out. I started following apart all at once.   Three years later and I am 60 lbs heavier than I was before starting.  (At my peak it was 80lbs.) How can that be?

The Washington Post wrote an article that the average American gains weight through their 20s and 30s and weight gain peaks at 50ish.


Seems about right. I should be happy because I should start losing weight according to this graphic.

My sciatica was easy to fix with a few stretches to loosen it up.  That bulge in my disc finally burst.  It was tough, but after it bursts, the pain is instantly gone.  My hips though, I let the pain go on for far too long.  Last summer, I couldn’t move much more than the walk to the restroom, and the long walk from my parked car to my desk was a complete killer.  I couldn’t move which depressed me, so I ate. Work was stressful, so I ate. I was going through menopause, so I ate. The perfect storm.

This summer my activity level is the complete opposite as last summer’s vegetative state, but the pounds don’t come off as easily as before I was 50. It’s going to be a long haul to get off these pounds, but I suppose I’ll get there.  Maybe.

— Namaste