Scary flu

It’s scary to hear of these stories about little kids or moms who are strong, suddenly succumbing to death because of complications of the flu.

I read one of my previous coworkers Facebook page that her nine year old nephew is in the hospital. He went down with the flu on Wednesday and by Saturday he couldn’t walk. The ER diagnosed him Rhabdomyosis as a complication of the flu — where skeletal muscles deteriorate/die and the enzymes released into the blood become toxic to the kidneys. What the what?? He had leg pain. What if mom and dad hadn’t taken him in? Scary.

I’ve raised my kids so I forget about how much there is to worry almost every day. Certainly with multiple kids, it’s every day. Friends being unkind, questionable teachers, rumors of behavior around school, grades, health, sadness. I still worry about my kids and grands, but it isn’t at the level it was with a younger family.

Stay strong out there. This too shall pass.

— Namaste