Costco Favs

When the kids were growing up, we had a few years where we belonged to Sam’s Club. We probably saved some money on the diapers and maybe paper towels, but it seemed like we spent more money on the convenience foods; we just ate more or used more of items in the giant packages; or, we ended up throwing out more because by the time we finished eating to the bottom, we were sick of whatever it was.

Fast forward twenty-five years to today, and big surprise, I’ve learned a little self control and I’m enjoying my Costco membership. My daughter wanted me to join because she thought I’d like it.

The first thing I noticed was the alcohol had unreasonably good prices. Then the milk! $1.89/gallon. Score.

Shopping with Ash, she shows me her favs and whoa. I am diggin these veggies.


Months later, I’m still diggin these veggies. They are so fresh and fast. The perfect combination. Try them out.

It got me wondering what other people love from Costco — what am I missing! Please share!

My Favs:

Only natural ingredients in all of these and no additives.

— Namaste