Quite the Spectacle

What happened to the lab tech when he fell into the lens grinder?
– he made a spectacle of himself


What did the right eye say to the left eye?
– Between you and me, there’s something that smells.

I picked up my new glasses today…….. From my mailbox.

It’s the only way to go. If you haven’t bought your glasses off of a discounted website, you need to.

I buy mine from Zenni. This is the second pair I have purchased and both fit great, so much cheaper than I was used to paying, and both came with great click on sunglasses.

– Namaste

March for Science

Love the posts, pictures, and news of the worldwide event last Saturday. (I made it to our local capital for my states version of the march. 08-march-for-science-0422-parisInspirational.) #MarchforScience became an idea soon after Trump became president, and asked for lists of EPA scientists working on climate change. This was the same time he was appointing ex-CEO of Exxon Mobile, Rex Tillerson, to be his Secretary of State, and appointing to head the EPA, an ex-attorney general who sued the EPA for his home state of Oklahoma 14 times. (Scott Pruitt) Scientists were being told there would be no press releases on climate change, and scientists were creating rogue Twitter accounts, while dumping data to servers outside the U.S. governments reach.

I’ve been assigned to write an article on the environment under Trump. It should be interesting. More on that later.

– Namaste

Getting Old Isn’t for Pussy’s

In August and October 2016, I had two hip replacement surgeries. Since I was only 52, it was a surprise to my friends and family. For me, I had know a long time that new hips were inevitable.

I had the best orthopedic surgeon! The recovery was not bad (although I was more cranky with the second surgery #tiredofhurting), with me back to work in a week-and-a-half. I was up walking almost immediately and the awful pain was gone. More due to a newer way of doing the surgery, called direct anterior hip replacement where the doc goes through two muscles so there is less damage from which to recover, than any rehab I had to do. Check out the 23 minute video of the surgery. So awesome.TotalHipReplacement_-_Before__After

I had lived three years in misery – why? I wasn’t scared of surgery, or trying to pretend it wasn’t happening. Probably the only thing that I was scared of were the medical bills. I have good medical insurance I pay through my employer, but I knew my finances couldn’t even take the out-of-pocket shock from all the directions a surgery incurs – anesthesiologist, surgeon’s office, hospital, drugs, etc. If you are in this situation, just have the surgery, go on a payment plan, and if you are like me, you will have paid off those beauties in five to six months.

Interesting things I learned:

  1. If you get a new body part, for the rest of your life, you’ll have to tell your dentist before any appointments, even just cleanings. The dentist will need to put you on antibiotics before the appointment because if there is any infection having to do with the dentist procedure, it could cause that infection to attack the new joint.
  2. The titanium joint will set off metal detectors at the airport, etc.
  3. Before joint replacement surgery, you wash in an antiseptic soap all over your body and put an antibiotic drop under your tongue, for three days before the surgery. This rids the body of natural bacteria growing on your skin.
  4. #dawgsinthehouse make for great recovery buddies.  #neverleftmyside20160410_193348


Diversity and Inclusion

All of us in the working world have had to endure the training videos on different topics to keep our employers compliant to a law somewhere. Maybe it was a fast food chain as a kid, or last week at corporate headquarters.

I’ve worked for companies that were always talking about how wonderful they were to their workers. However, if you were a worker, your opinion differed. One of the worst examples in my life, is a business who would fire large groups of good people twice a year like clockwork. The old man at the helm, believed in “trimming the fat” and getting rid of 10 percent of their around 300 workforce per year. That is 30 people a year.

Fast forward to my present full-time position. I knew I was working at a different kind of place in the first week of working there, and I hadn’t watched any videos. I saw transgender, openly gay, nationalities of every kind. Loved it. Also, all the walls were filled with original artwork – supporting thousands of artists.  Impressive.

This past week, I watched a Diversity and Inclusion video that was so nicely done. The message was so spot on. It isn’t enough to welcome diversity, but a conscious choice to practice inclusion to all people.  All people should be their authentic self where ever they work. It’s so nice when Companies get it right.