Serv it Up

I subscribe to a bird watch list serv run by our state’s ornithology chapter.  It provides birders a place to share locations of interesting birds for the rest of the list serv members. The Fall/Winter that the Snowy Owl locations dipped down further South than they had been in centuries, was a particularly great year to be using the list serv.

I do a lot of birding, but it is ducks that I really love to find and watch. Recently, I had a lifer – a bird type first seen and positively identified – to add to my life list of birds.  Cinnamon Teal. Unfortunately, I do not have a nice enough camera to justify posting a picture here.  Therefore, enjoy this photo taken be Joan Gellatly.

I quickly knew from posts on the list serv where to go to try and see this Teal. It worked like a charm.

– Namaste

Happy Holi Day

Color Festival

Festival_of_Colors_HoliHappy Holi Day to all you celebrating. I work with a group of people located in India and their offices are closed today for this holiday. It made me curious; so last night I googled and wikipediated to learn what this is all about.

Holi started as a Hindu spring festival, but other religious and secular people now celebrate it too. Holi is also known as the “festival of colors” because in order to celebrate, people throw colored powders on each other – friend or stranger. Very similar to a color run, without the running. The date varies every year because it is based on the Hindu calendar and is dependent on the full moon.

Even Google has a cartoon today. So hey…..there’s that.

Anything that is sheer fun is my kind celebration. Namaste.