My daughter, the SLIder

lightsThis past Friday, my daughter, A, confessed that she is a SLIder. LOL Never heard of it before.

Actually she had never heard of it before either until one of her patients (she’s a nurse) mentioned it to her.

I guess, throughout her life she has noticed that when she drives or walks under street lights, many times they turn off. She assumed this happened to everyone but it doesn’t. To top it off, this phenomenon has a name??!! She was blown away and so am I.

No. 1. I didn’t know this was happening in my daughters life.

No. 2. During the discussion, we found out it happens to my youngest son too, but not myself and my oldest.

No. 3. Google is yet again a wonderful thing because we could look it up immediately.

It’s called Street Light Interference and the group of people who claim this happens to them on a regular basis are called SLIders.

I believe humans have a set of energy emissions that are not greatly investigated or explained. What makes these individuals different than the rest of us? I also wonder how the trend of changing street lights to LED will have an affect. Let me know what your experience is.

I don’t know if she and #4 have psychokinetic abilities but it is interesting concept.

— Namaste

The Wayback Machine

I was just reminded of something I learned about several years ago — the Wayback Machine.

On any given day, I’m trying to get better at one particular food dish. I’ve perfected (to my satisfaction) gumbo, potato salad, scones, and fried rice.

The fried rice like you get at a restaurant and is so yummy it is the entire meal. And I did it! I found a blog post that gave all the tips for the perfect fried rice. I’d used it for years.

So I’m standing in my kitchen, on one cold and windy night. Ha!

Yes, I was standing in my kitchen freaking out because a menu for our nontraditional Thanksgiving dinner depended on the yummy fried rice. Fifteen people were soon depending on my meal.

I was freaking, because my saved Internet bookmark to the recipe was telling me it was no longer available. I had no hard copy. Ahhh.

My #4 — youngest son — saved me. He typed in his smart phone the name of the recipe I gave him and seconds later, I had my recipe. Complements of the Wayback Machine.


It’s a website that has been archiving the Internet so that you can find links to things that were long ago taken down. A scary thought for some, but when you need a recipe or such, it’s very useful.

And if you ever wanted to make restaurant quality fried rice, here’s the Wayback link for THE best recipe.  Originally posted by Ali’s blog Gimme Some Oven.

It’s been raining

In middle America, it’s been raining forever!! OK, I guess not forever — it has been 20 straight days. We are not used to this.

While walking Fuzz Butt, I ran across this forest of fungus.








They are actually pretty.  Isn’t the world a wonderful place. And, I can say that because today the sun is shining!

— Namaste



Summer is over

Summer is over and I’m ready for Fall. Stews. Mashed potatoes. Fireplaces. Crunchy leaves.heart_in_clouds

I’m worn out by taking advantage of the nice weather to be active. I sound lazy but enough already.

This Fall, I have plans for cleaning out closets, opening windows, and long bike rides. One thing about living in an apartment, I don’t have all the yard chores I used to have. What will you be doing this Fall?

— Namaste