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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Buddy loves to get new toys. He checks all bags brought into the car (because of course he runs errands with me). Holds the toy in his mouth the entire way home, and then once home, he sits on my lap and destroys the toy by getting that nasty squeaker out of with innards. Recently, […]

Single is My Jam Voice from the Middle

Top 6 binge-able TV shows right NOW

If it is too cold out this weekend to run that marathon or bike that century, plant your behind on the couch and tune into these gems. I’m Sorry (Netflix) — this might not be the best TV to watch with the under 18 tribe (raunchy) but it is hilarious. Check it.   Friends from […]

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Top 7 ways to combat challenges of being an older woman

There are worse problems than being an older woman these days, but the United States population doesn’t have a lot of love for this group. When you find yourself being discarded, draw on the inner resilience that has gotten you this far through life.  Change your way of thinking to combat the challenges you’ll face […]

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Best books I’ve read lately

Books are personal. Go to any book club where a group of people read the same book and listen to all the differing opinions. I used to not like to get suggestions from people about good books because my list of books to read is never ending. But, I’ve found that reading suggestions, brings a […]