Single and a Homebody

I like to stay home. It took me awhile to figure this out because I like to go out too.

View from deck – at home.

But if I were to compare myself to others, a homebody I am.  Couple this fact, with the fact I am single, and where do I meet available men?

I don’t.

I’ve been divorced for 16 years and that is longer than I was married (12). I haven’t had a significant other in my life for the last three years, because frankly I wanted to heal, chill, and be by myself.  I feel better. So technically, I guess I could start dating again, but creating a profile online, as I have in the past, doesn’t sound right anymore.

I know if I had someone to share events with, I would enjoy going out more. But, this break is also about doing things by myself, for myself to prove once and for all, I don’t need anyone else to make me happy. I’m not lobbing on to someone just so I’m not alone.  So I’ve set a few summer resolutions: 1) go to events by myself; 2) eat out by myself (this one is HARD!); and 3) join groups to meet people to simply widen my circle.

I have a few upcoming plans to experience events by myself. I don’t mind walking into places alone and I’ve been going alone to certain things all my life.  But going to a concert, is scary therefore, this is at the top of my list. (More on that later.)

This May I joined a biking club and have been going to rides about once a week. I can be better about joining in, but I have made progress. Yay me! (If so many of the rides didn’t start at O dark thirty, I’d have joined in more.) Before joining, riding by myself has been therapeutic, spontaneous, and adventurous, so I don’t want to rule out single rides altogether.  Baby steps.

So how does a homebody find someone she likes? She sticks with liking herself.

– Namaste

Dawg in the House

Like millions of people these days, I share my life with a four-legged fuzz butt. A three-year old Cairn Terrier, named Buddy, is the man in my life.  He’s like Toto but cuter. Ha!

Buddy is my constant companion. [because I feel too guilty to go out and leave him home alone.]  It’s pathetic. We sleep together. Eat together. Walk together. And, we hang.

The ASPCA estimates nearly 70 million U.S. homes have at least one dog under the roof. People are more-and-more opting to get a pet instead of marrying or even having children.

I have children; and there is something to be said for being able to tell Buddy to go sit in the corner and be quiet. For me, this dawg in the house is nice to have as we go down this yellow brick road.


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Do you text your kids with weather reports?

20150201_081335So it snowed last night. This has only happened three or four times this winter. Global warming. Weather extremes. Whatever.

I just love it. My youngest is 24 years old. Still, the first snow of the season, I text all four of my kids with the, “It’s snowing!” text. They know how much I love the snow and I think they all would say they do too.

I love going for walks when it is freezing or snowing because there isn’t anyone else out. It’s so quiet. Insulated with the snow. You can hear and see the most wonderful things. The other day, walking my dog, we ran across five wild turkeys. Those birds have the most beautiful feathers that are every different color of brown with iridescent mixed in. They were just six feet away.