Fly Away Hummingbirds

This summer, like all great things, will be coming to an end soon. With the start of school and the cooler nights, everything takes the cue to move to the next stage.  My hummingbirds will be leaving soon. I’ve heard the Baltimore Orioles are already out of areas in our region.

(Ruby-throated) I was sitting within 2 feet from this hummingbird at my feeder. I have a friend who have had one land on his finger and heard others had the same.


Did you get to witness the eclipse in totality yesterday?

We made viewing boxes but didn’t need them due to the cloud cover.

If not, I assume you all tried to witness your version of the eclipse. My son and I drove what for us should have been two hours away to witness totality. “Should” being the operative word. The drive home that should have taken two hours took five and a half. 30 mph the entire way.  Oh my.  When we were home, I walked directly to the frig for a beer and my son went directly to his room. lol.

Once the memories of that ride go away, we will be left with the greatness of the experience.  Being near all the people experiencing the same event was so fun — my discussion with a woman who drove up from Texas stands out.  We had quite a bit of cloud cover so our pictures are not great, but the experience did not disappoint.

eclipseThe stillness for those two minutes, the birds chirping like early morning, the sunrise to the north.  The drop in temp.

In 2024, I’ll be chasing totality again!

— Namaste

Cycling Century Ride

Two weeks ago, I rode 108 bicycle miles between Sunday through Saturday. This probably wasn’t the first time, but in previous years, I didn’t keep track of my miles. One hundred and eight miles is a time commitment when a person works full-time, has family responsibilities, and is the sole person doing chores around the house. It takes me two full hours on the bike to go about 20-22 miles.

I’ve ridden single days on RAGBRAI  but never over 75 miles.For century ride Tomorrow this ends — with a century ride, 100 miles.  Eight people from the group I’ve been meeting with every week, are taking off at 6am and will ride half way across the state. I’ve been told to put chamois butter on (not sure where), I’ve learned about the Gatorade chews to pop along the way, have my protein bars, have oiled the chain, and filled the tires. I tried to ride this a month ago and only made it 60 miles but it was terribly hot and humid that day. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and low 80s.

If I live, I’ll tell you all about it.

— Namaste

P.S. It was tremendous fun!


Broken Wings

kildeer_baby Look at this cute little Kildeer. Adorable.

I also love the way Kildeer walk. So in a hurry:

If you ever see an “injured” adult bird, don’t necessarily believe it.  In summer, Kildeer nest in these tiny nests — often in parking lots at my work. The first time I saw a limping momma Kildeer, I felt sorry for her. She limped. She

‘Hurt’ Kildeer

cocked her wing to make it look like it was mangled.  I’ve since learned this is a ploy momma’s do to lead you away from her precious babies.  Groovy, right?!

The Administration’s 2018 budget blueprint, released last month, would eliminate many EPA programs — bird habitat and important conservation programs decimated. The crippled bird, may be all too real in the future.

— Namaste