Dawg in the House Voice from the Middle We Are Family

Guilt and Dogs

Having a pet is a commitment. However, my guilt was firmly established in a Catholic upbringing. I feel guilty when I leave my dog at home. It’s pathetic really. When he was a puppy, sure, he needed me. He’s three years old now. Although he is home alone while I work, I am usually home […]

Birding in the 515 Outside Please Voice from the Middle

Broken Wings

Look at this cute little Kildeer. Adorable. I also love the way Kildeer walk. So in a hurry: If you ever see an “injured” adult bird, don’t necessarily believe it.  In summer, Kildeer nest in these tiny nests — often in parking lots at my work. The first time I saw a limping momma […]

The World is Amazing

20 Cool Sites on the Internet

So let’s say you are sitting around this long weekend and you don’t want to actually stand up; binge watching TV is getting old; and you want to sort-of be productive, then strap down peoples, and bookmark these cool Internet sites. — reverse image lookup — places a pocket icon on your favorites […]

Gardening is My Zen We Are Family

Tiny Gardening

While raising my kids, I lived on a large corner lot for 23 years. We had many perennial flower and organic vegetable gardens in that time. So after being forced to downsize, gardening has taken on a different look. For the past two years, I lived in a small space with no direct access to […]