What I’ve been reading

I write these posts about the books I read and I never know what books you like. Do share! Are you a buyer, loaner, recipient, library, kind of person?

Me? library all the way.

omenGood Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter Witch by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimon.

I wasn’t looking forward to this reading this book for book club. I thought it was going to be Monty Python stupid funny. But it was truly hilarious and sacrilegious.

Amazon Prime is releasing the TV show based on this book in 2019. I’ll be watching.

treeA Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

Wow. I see why this is a classic. This is the first time for me reading this and I just loved it. The story is timeless! Betty Smith was very insightful on her observations of life.

If you haven’t yet, check this book out.
foolNobody’s Fool by Richard Russo

I remember the movie that was based on this book in the 80s or 90s with Paul Newman. It was a good movie.  I probably wouldn’t have picked this book up if it hadn’t been one of my book club books, but I really enjoyed it.

Sully reminded me of men I knew while growing up in small town America. He’s a good man but for circumstances we don’t have the clearest view of — and are a mystery to Sully too — he is having a hard time maturing into a stable life.

Sometimes life has a way of beating us down. Still, we can mean a lot to the people who love us.

Now I need to go to the library to rent the DVD of the old movie.

Hope this weekend if full of great pages for you.

— Namaste

Nearly Wordless Wednesday


The grands were over and everything is out. I’m busy cleaning up Mickey Mouse waffles and finding slime ingredients.

Then they leave and it’s quiet. Quiet like I haven’t heard for quite awhile.

I’m cleaning up and I find this picture. 🙂 I call all my grands poops.

I guess sisters call their little brothers poops too.

Have a great day,

— Namaste

Top 6 binge-able TV shows right NOW

If it is too cold out this weekend to run that marathon or bike that century, plant your behind on the couch and tune into these gems.

sorryI’m Sorry (Netflix) — this might not be the best TV to watch with the under 18 tribe (raunchy) but it is hilarious. Check it.


friends.jpgFriends from College — I like these people, even when they are behaving badly. It makes me laugh and wish I had friends as honest as these are.

patriotPatriot (AmazonPrime) — This is one of the best shows I’ve seen since The Americans finale. It has intrigue, being he is special agent, but it is laugh out loud funny and by the end you are pulling for this guy as is the group of crazy characters in show.

kingdomThe Last Kingdom (BBC America and Netflix) — A period series of the rise of England back in the 870s. Action. Battle scenes. Danes. Horses. What’s not to love.

designatedDesignated Survivor (Netflix) — This was originally a cancelled ABC show however Netflix has taken on the third season. An American political drama might keep your mind off real life political drama.



news.jpgGreat News (Netflix) — Produced by Tina Fey, this smart comedy was cancelled from NBC.  We can only hope Netflix picks it up for more seasons. Set in a newsroom where a mom/daughter navigate being co-workers.

So if I know about all these great shows, how did it turn out for me to give up TV?

Oh I tried it — read here, Giving up TV.

— Namaste