Voice from the Middle

Mother-in-law or monster-in-law

imagesIt’s hard being a mother-in-law.  And nothing reminds me more of this, than a holiday.  Why can’t we all just get along?

But we can’t.

Well we can, but it’s strained. I whole heartedly believe when a son takes a wife, she should be his focus. He should side with her; do what she wants; respect her wishes; etc. etc. etc.

I have three sons and one daughter. I’ve had good mother-in-law experiences and these strained times. It is a tightrope that is so hard to walk when all you want is a slice of your son’s life so you can maintain a relationship.

I’d ask all those young wives of men out there to remember, we are all just trying to love everyone and have no ulterior motives. We are going to make mistakes but it’s just because people aren’t perfect. If we could all start there — myself included — I think it would go a long way.

Any advice out there?

— Namaste



By Debra Happe

Debra Happe is a writer and marketing professional based in Des Moines, Iowa. Debra does business, magazine, and freelance copywriting work. Specialties include science-based, environmental, and technological. Connect on LinkedIn for professional inquiries.

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