Too scared to do what?

violin.jpegIf there were a class you wished you would have taken in your school career, what would it be?

Maybe going out for the baseball team or for girls volleyball?

I know I wished I would have started violin lessons in the sixth grade. I had just moved from a farm where the local school was in a town with a population of 500, to living in city of 10,000. I was also going from public school to private. I was so scared.

So when the tour of the new school revealed there was an orchestra, I was dumb struck. Too scared to start lessons then for the violin because the others had been taking lessons for a couple of years. Too scared is all I was.

So after four kids and a divorce, about 15 years ago, I restored my grandmothers old violin and took lessons. It was hard to find time to practice with all the kids at home like they were, so I stopped the lessons.

Maybe I should start those up again? YOLO

So what about you? What were you too scared to follow through with? It’s not too late.


— Namaste