It’s been raining

In middle America, it’s been raining forever!! OK, I guess not forever — it has been 20 straight days. We are not used to this.

While walking Fuzz Butt, I ran across this forest of fungus.








They are actually pretty.  Isn’t the world a wonderful place. And, I can say that because today the sun is shining!

— Namaste



Best books I’ve read lately

Books are personal. Go to any book club where a group of people read the same book and listen to all the differing opinions.

I used to not like to get suggestions from people about good books because my list of books to read is never ending. But, I’ve found that reading suggestions, brings a variety to the types of books I read that is refreshing.

So whether you want any book suggestions or not, I’m going to put these right here. Up to you. 😉

BeartownBeartown by Fredrik Backman. This author also wrote, ‘A Man Called Ove,’ which I disliked enough to not finish it but this book was the opposite. Insightful. Fast moving. It’s about a town in love with hockey.




beforeWewereYoursBefore We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. I really enjoyed this book and not for the sappy story that it certainly is, but for the description of the young families life on the river. Enchanting.




RobertPeaseThe Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace by Jeff Hobbs.  This was a great story that I’m glad I read it. I think of it often.

While reading, I thought the story could have been edited by half and it would have been stronger — it repeated itself too much. I hate that.

But if you have a mind, meet Robert Peace and see his life.


AnnaKAnna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. In my attempt to read good books I haven’t read in my lifetime, I occasionally throw in a classic. I was so surprised by the timelessness of his writing and his insights into emotions. Enjoyed this very much.





Friday night dinners

DinnerMy daughter and I loved to watch the TV show, “Gilmore Girls.” If you’re not familiar it, single mom and daughter Lorelai and Rory had to go to their stodgy grandparents/parents weekly Friday night dinners in exchange for their payment of Rory’s school tuition.  Those visits were epic-ly tense, combative, and dreaded.

But it gave my daughter the idea to have Friday night dinners (FND) for our tribe. Of course it has to be at my place and she fully admits she likes it because it is one night a week where she doesn’t have to cook or decide on what to cook. I love my kids so I agreed.

The first FND was nearly two years ago and I can count the number of times we’ve cancelled on my fingers.

I’ve had times that I’ve complained about doing it because I’m not retired and Friday nights I can be quite worn out from my job. The kids show up at my place before I even get home from work, so there is no transition from a stressful week of work to full blown chaos. Yelling and running kids, interpersonal squabbles, and a great deal of mess.

It’s also a lot of work. My entire week revolves around planning what to have, getting the groceries, prepping the food on Thursday night (no matter how I feel), and cleaning up Saturday morning — every Saturday morning. It’s the work of a holiday meal — food for 10 to 12 — every week. And, there is a financial cost.

But with all the work involved, after the years of committing to this, I’ve grown to love the idea. It gives me something to look forward to every week. The grandkids have a drawer in the frigerator where they find their own drinks and can help themselves to whenever they want. (Love) My little two year old grandson knows where to get blankets, extra clothes, spoons, and toys since he was itty bitty. (Love)

We have deep conversations.


We play board games, hide and seek, find the magic egg, and do a little Kung Fu fighting.


It’s a little frightening. [hee hee]

Cuddling is encouraged;


but more often than not, given the number of boys we have, sword action.


Sometimes this happens:


But more often, this:


Of course we all eat great food. I love the way everyone comes as is, maybe dirty from their construction job, or proud of an achievement.


We grow habits together like waving to my daughter as she drives off to her night shift nursing.


What is better than that?

— Namaste