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Another way to think about addiction

veggiesIf I listened to my co-workers, I’d swear we are all eating so healthy that no one is eating carbs or sugar of any kind. It has gotten so bad, I feel guilty about the veggies in this recent supper I made. I eat bread and pasta on rare occasions when as little as five years ago, those were a large portion of my diet.

But then. I hit one of my, “I don’t care” periods and I’ll eat every piece of chocolate, licorice, and sugar I can get my hands on. Am I the only one?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the trend is great. I feel so much better when carbs are limited, that for me, this is an area of health I’ve been exploring more and more. I am borderline diabetic. This health shortcoming is from a long line of relatives.  It’s my “thing” to deal with. Some people have heart disease; I have this.

It’s gotten me thinking about addiction in a different way. I recently listened to a Tim Ferriss podcast talking about how we may be using caffeine as a means to feeling productive. This struck a chord with me.

Now, I’m wondering if I have an addiction to sugar. In that, I can’t just eat a little; I have to eat the entire bag. When I was younger, I’d cut it out of my diet completely and that worked better for me than me now thinking I can have a little here, and a little there.

I have fallen in the cycle of eating healthy and cutting sugar out during the week, but on the weekends, I give myself a “treat” which leads to overeating the treat. Maybe I have an addiction to sugar like some people have to alcohol?

I feel so much better during the week. I think clearly. I have energy. This is how I want to feel.

So, I’m going to start thinking refined carbs and sugar as an addiction and see if cutting it out altogether may help me. Cold turkey. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

If you have any advice, please share! Because this has been a roller coaster ride I want to get off.

— Namaste





By Debra Happe

Debra Happe is a writer and marketing professional based in Des Moines, Iowa. Debra does business, magazine, and freelance copywriting work. Specialties include science-based, environmental, and technological. Connect on LinkedIn for professional inquiries.

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