Voice from the Middle

Dog ownership differences

I do not have a neurotic dog. In my mind, dogs who don’t know when to stop running; stop drinking water; and/or stop eating — are neurotic. Could it be the owners??

Nervous people who have read somewhere, “that a dog should eat a half of cup of dog food two times per day” and so that is what they stick to. Meanwhile the dog attacks the food like he/she hasn’t been fed in a week and is still looking at you when the food is all gone. I don’t understand this approach.  I fill my dogs food bowl once a week or two (whenever it gets empty), and don’t care when he eats. It’s up to him.

But who is to say what dog is neurotic? Not me, surely.

Surely, Bud isn’t neurotic at all.


— Namaste

By Debra Happe

Debra Happe is a writer and marketing professional based in Des Moines, Iowa. Debra does business, magazine, and freelance copywriting work. Specialties include science-based, environmental, and technological. Connect on LinkedIn for professional inquiries.

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