Voice from the Middle


I love me dog! I’m surprised he isn’t in every post I write. The Budster is a constant companion and it seems like my world revolves around him.

But the fuzz butt does not like the heat. So this time of year, if we start out on a walk that he is so eager for, we end up shade-jumping.

We start out like this.


But we end up like this.


And, we shade-jump all the way back home. He loves to roll in the cool grass and seems to particularly love the healthiest most lush lawns on our trip.


If your kids are leaving home, get a dog. It is a wonderful replacement. #dawginthehouse

— Namaste

By Debra Happe

Debra Happe is a writer and marketing professional based in Des Moines, Iowa. Debra does business, magazine, and freelance copywriting work. Specialties include science-based, environmental, and technological. Connect on LinkedIn for professional inquiries.

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