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Bicycling to Work

I’ve always wanted to live close enough to my work to be able to bike there. The thought of leaving a smaller footprint on the earth by bicycling somewhere I go five days a week has appeal to me. Also appealing, is the drive at the busiest time of day is a major dislike of […]

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Nearly Wordless Wednesdays

This kid. To be four again and perfectly happy. (Hair by older sister) — Namaste

Dawg in the House Voice from the Middle

Dog ownership differences

I do not have a neurotic dog. In my mind, dogs who don’t know when to stop running; stop drinking water; and/or stop eating — are neurotic. Could it be the owners?? Nervous people who have read somewhere, “that a dog should eat a half of cup of dog food two times per day” and […]

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Memorial Day

For many years, I cleaned out my garage on Memorial day to get it clean for the summer and on Labor to clean it for the winter.  It was an extra day to get things done in a household with four messy, but lovely little kids. After my two sons served in the military, it […]