Scary flu

It’s scary to hear of these stories about little kids or moms who are strong, suddenly succumbing to death because of complications of the flu.

I read one of my previous coworkers Facebook page that her nine year old nephew is in the hospital. He went down with the flu on Wednesday and by Saturday he couldn’t walk. The ER diagnosed him Rhabdomyosis as a complication of the flu — where skeletal muscles deteriorate/die and the enzymes released into the blood become toxic to the kidneys. What the what?? He had leg pain. What if mom and dad hadn’t taken him in? Scary.

I’ve raised my kids so I forget about how much there is to worry almost every day. Certainly with multiple kids, it’s every day. Friends being unkind, questionable teachers, rumors of behavior around school, grades, health, sadness. I still worry about my kids and grands, but it isn’t at the level it was with a younger family.

Stay strong out there. This too shall pass.

— Namaste

One is the Loneliest Number

I love that song.  Three Dog Night had it right. One is the Loneliest Number. If you are on your own out there.  I mean — on. your. own. — not living a block from your parents who still help you landscape, not in a marriage, long-term relationship, or living with family, and not a member of an extended community, then you know what I’m talking about.

Media has written about the affects of social media, and how many of us are feeling isolated even though we may be reaching out daily to others online.  I definitely have felt loneliness in the last 10 years.  Me. The person who loves to be by myself — content to traipse around outside alone, sit alone, travel alone, go to the movies alone has many times of loneliness.

Take yesterday for instance, I went on a biking party ride. It’s an annual event in February and I’ve always wanted to do it. Only 24 miles but it is the time of the year when the weather can be -20 degrees while snowing, or 70 and sunny. Yesterday it was 40 degrees, windy and raining.

I certainly wasn’t the only person riding alone. Most of the solitary riders were men who have no problem doing things by themselves. Right? I told myself, the couples or groups of riders probably simply think I’m new to the area and haven’t gotten to know many people. Ha! Native.

What my problem is, is I like to do things on my own terms. So the ride starts at 10am, but I want to sleep in and get there when it fits into my schedule. Buddy went with and we took side trips to parks to let him run, chase squirrels and piddle here or there. I see people drinking and having fun in groups but I don’t want to feel the effects of alcohol tonight. I want to knock out some work I didn’t get done on Friday. So I’m to blame for my “alone” lifestyle.

I enjoyed the day riding and being part of something.  It was fun maneuvering the day the way that made me the happiest. I’m glad I do this. But I admit, feelings of loneliness floated over me/ around me like dust around Pig-Pen.

I’m not sure what to do with those feelings. Maybe you can’t have it all and sometimes, I’m just going to feel lonely.  I guess I can live with that.  Now que that song again. . .

— Namaste

Hello 2018

2017 is outta here!2018-news years

I’m glad. But then, I’m always glad. With another year beginning, it seems like anything is possible.  Always optimistic, I start everyday with the motto, “this is the first day of the rest of my life” and I try to start all over again.

Being in my 50s, new year’s resolutions have lost their luster. But I still try to have an overarching theme to each year.

Last year, my theme was writing. I did fairly well. I started this blog; got a few freelance pieces sold; and started quite a few short stories that I’m still editing. I’ll continue that  theme into the years ahead, but what is my theme for 2018?

It took me until February to figure it out, but when I did — I knew it was as right as hot fudge on chocolate ice cream.


I haven’t taken time for hobbies for so long. While my kids grew up, I got out of the habit of focusing on anything I might want to do and did what they wanted. Or why start a project because there would inevitably be an event to interrupt.

There were so many things I’ve done in the past and would love to pick up again. Like stained glass, my violin playing, travel, learning new languages, etc., etc., etc.What about you? Tell me a hobby you are starting up for the first time or again.

— Namaste

P.S. Also, one 2017 resolution was to get a hearing aid.
“Excuse me. I didn’t quite catch that.”