Single is My Jam Voice from the Middle

Single Awareness Day

Did you all make it through, “Single Awareness Day”? Ya know, Valentine’s Day. This year I just ignored the entire day — except for getting “Love” gifts for my grands. I didn’t wear red as in previous years; I didn’t have anxiety the week before; and I gave it no notice whatsoever. The most thought […]

Books, books, books Voice from the Middle

What I’ve been reading

I haven’t posted about my reading for quite awhile so I have a lot to fill you in on. First, I made my Goodreads 2017 reading goal no problem. It wasn’t like in 2016 where I was reading every short 200 page book I could get my hands on in December. So my year was […]

Voice from the Middle

“Yea, my mom says that”

I went out last night with two of my co-workers who are really my friends. We’ve worked together for about three years and have gone out drinking, talked honestly, and experienced a lot of each others personal lives through those years. It may have been an off night, but they really didn’t ask me anything […]

Dawg in the House Outside Please Voice from the Middle

Snow sure is pretty

We’ve had probably 9 inches of snow lately and it sure is pretty.  I live across these hills so the families have flocked to sled down in freezing bliss.  It’s fun to walk my dog and hear their fun-having screams. It’s also fun to see exactly where the deer have been while I’ve slept. A […]