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Book Sharing

You know the stereotype of the Italian momma who feeds anyone who comes in the door and sends them home with food? In my family, it’s books that are sent home. I recently visited my 86 year old mom and between her and my older sister, I was given at least 20 book titles of […]

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Pesto Baby

It’s September. In my four-season location in mid-Merica, it is time to harvest my deck basil crop. “Crop” may be misleading, but my one plant yielded 4 cups. I used the pesto recipe I found on the New York Times website. I probably added a bit more pine nuts than the recipe asked for which […]

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A few weekends ago, I drove two of my kids and two grandkids to a family wedding.   It was at least two hours away and to avoid a night drive, we stayed overnight in a hotel. It was so fun to experience the sheer joy the kids feel when they check into a hotel. Jump […]

We Are Family

Chive On

Over Labor Day weekend, I cut down my chives that I have been growing in my deck garden. I love to cut them fresh when I am cooking in the summer. However, why miss out on this fresh taste during the winter? I cut them down and freeze small amounts in snack freezer bags so […]