Grandma Camp

Recently, I had two of my grandkids over for “Grandma Camp.” This is what I call it when all the cousins stay overnight at my house to give their parents a break. My intention was to have a camp every summer for four to five days. It’s been slow to get on it’s feet mostly due to the fact I am not retired, the grandkids have been too young, and it’s only me running this camp.

However, the past five days, two of the grandkids stayed as a “test.” These two kids stay a lot with me but they yearned — nice word for whined — to stay longer than one sleep. This was their chance.


Every night we’d watch their favorite shows to fall asleep to. Everyday we’d cuddle in the morning and eat food in bed before breakfast.  We played games, made things, shopped, jumped at a trampoline place, and generally had a great time. The Ninja rolls in Walgreens were one clue, things were going OK.

We counted down the sleeps until it was time to round up all the dirty clothes, lovies, and toys that needed to go home.  Getting into bed that first night after they’d gone, with just Buddy and myself in the bed, was quiet and a little lonely, but I’ll manage. <wink>

— Namaste

Binge-able Netflix Shows

It’s that time of the summer that I start wanting it to be Fall. Back to a slower-paced life, when I had kids, back to a schedule with school starting, back to inside.  So if you feel the same, here are some great shows to binge watch on Netflix.

Master of None — the second season of  this show has been on Netflix for quite awhile, but on the off-chance you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. It’s smart and funny.

GLOW —  was a nice surprise when I watched it.   GLOW stands for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and is based on a 1980s TV show. It has Marc Maron in it and a couple other actresses you’ll recognize. It’s a ridiculous concept but it’s well done and hilarious.

The Standups — It’s six, 30-minute episodes of a different standup comedian each time.  I enjoyed all but one of the standups.

Crashing — In exchange for low rent, a hodgepodge group of 20-something tenants set up residence as property guards in a disused hospital, where hilarity ensues. It’s hilarious. Definitely check it out.

Ozarks — Jason Bateman has taken his family from Chicago to the Ozarks so he can keep them alive and launder $5M.

Black Mirror — I don’t know where I was in 2011 that I missed the beginning of this series but it’s still eery. I’d compare it to The Twilight Zone with all the stories pertaining to future technological advances affecting humans lives.

I guess I like comedies. Ha! Enjoy.

— Namaste

Cycling Century Ride

Two weeks ago, I rode 108 bicycle miles between Sunday through Saturday. This probably wasn’t the first time, but in previous years, I didn’t keep track of my miles. One hundred and eight miles is a time commitment when a person works full-time, has family responsibilities, and is the sole person doing chores around the house. It takes me two full hours on the bike to go about 20-22 miles.

I’ve ridden single days on RAGBRAI  but never over 75 miles.For century ride Tomorrow this ends — with a century ride, 100 miles.  Eight people from the group I’ve been meeting with every week, are taking off at 6am and will ride half way across the state. I’ve been told to put chamois butter on (not sure where), I’ve learned about the Gatorade chews to pop along the way, have my protein bars, have oiled the chain, and filled the tires. I tried to ride this a month ago and only made it 60 miles but it was terribly hot and humid that day. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and low 80s.

If I live, I’ll tell you all about it.

— Namaste

P.S. It was tremendous fun!


Brick and Mortar

brick-and-mortar-online-retail-ts-100704061-largeIf trends are based on my behavior, the brick and mortar stores have something to worry about.  More now than ever.

The past two Christmas, I haven’t stepped into a store. I order my groceries online. I shop online for clothes, shoes, phone cases, glasses, books . . . and so on. I’ve read that 62 percent of U.S. consumers with Internet access now shop online at least once a month.  This seems low to me.

I also was read men are currently shopping 13% more than women. Guess we better do away with that “women as constant shoppers” myth. What do you think?

— Namaste