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Runs Like a . . . Driverless Deer?

I read an interesting statistic lately about driverless vehicles — especially interesting to those of us in mid-America. Do you know who the biggest producer (by volume) is? John Deere. It makes sense. John Deere has been working on smart machines and implements since the 1990’s, and they’ve learned a thing or two in the […]

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Books I’ve Read Lately

Lately, many of the books I’ve read, or attempted to read, have not been recommendable. I used to be a reader that would always finish the book — no matter what.  But my book club instigated a 50-page rule. If a book doesn’t grab your interest in 50 pages, you can stop reading. Most of […]

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My nose is cold

Most mornings, fuzz butt stays in bed until I get out of the shower.  And, you know, your nose can get cold. He loves to tuck his nose under the covers to warm it up.  Love him. #dawginthehouse — Namaste

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Did you get to witness the eclipse in totality yesterday? If not, I assume you all tried to witness your version of the eclipse. My son and I drove what for us should have been two hours away to witness totality. “Should” being the operative word. The drive home that should have taken two hours […]