Guilt and Dogs

Having a pet is a commitment. However, my guilt was firmly established in a Catholic upbringing.

I feel guilty when I leave my dog at home. It’s pathetic really. When he was a puppy, sure, he needed me. He’s three years old now. Although he is home alone while I work, I am usually home with him the rest of the time.  He goes with me most anywhere I can take him. (My kids have gotten used  to mom bringing the dog.)

In the summer, I bike ride about 70 miles per week. This takes time away from the fur butt — especially if I’m riding on a week night. Buddy would love to be outside with me on a trail.

Hence, my search for a way to take him with me. He can run alongside and loves that but how much do I let him run? So last Christmas I bought a basket. It didn’t work well. It was never secure enough to make him feel relaxed and it through me off balance. A fail. So recently my hair stylist, shows me what they bought for their dog. A BuddyRider. (Is that not Me_w_buddyRiderperfect? A BuddyRider for my dog named Buddy.)

It came last weekend and we tried it out on Sunday. Even though the instructions said it would take three rides for the dog to like it, Buddy was diggin it from the start.

— Namaste

Broken Wings

kildeer_baby Look at this cute little Kildeer. Adorable.

I also love the way Kildeer walk. So in a hurry:

If you ever see an “injured” adult bird, don’t necessarily believe it.  In summer, Kildeer nest in these tiny nests — often in parking lots at my work. The first time I saw a limping momma Kildeer, I felt sorry for her. She limped. She

‘Hurt’ Kildeer

cocked her wing to make it look like it was mangled.  I’ve since learned this is a ploy momma’s do to lead you away from her precious babies.  Groovy, right?!

The Administration’s 2018 budget blueprint, released last month, would eliminate many EPA programs — bird habitat and important conservation programs decimated. The crippled bird, may be all too real in the future.

— Namaste

20 Cool Sites on the Internet

So let’s say you are sitting around this long weekend and you don’t want to actually stand up; binge watching TV is getting old; and you want tInterneto sort-of be productive, then strap down peoples, and bookmark these cool Internet sites.

  1. — reverse image lookup
  2. — places a pocket icon on your favorites toolbar, so you can simply click the pocket, and it saves the URL page to read later.
  3. — personalized video workouts
  4. — recipe generator
  5. — for budgeting and tracking help
  6. — shortens those long URLs
  7. — get the long URL hinding behind the shortened
  8. — create professional looking diagrams, such as flowcharts, sitemaps, organization charts
  9. — instruction on everything
  10. — over 54,000 free eBooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online
  11. create amazing creative works of art with your mouse cursor
  12. create fantastic beat box musical arrangements
  13. hard to explain but you can lose yourself; weird and odd things
  14. de-motivational posters
  15. free online games
  16. lots of interesting explanations on tons of topics
  17. visualize Google data
  18. site of other sites that promise you growth
  19. site for the engineer type mind
  20. listen to ambient sounds of every kind