Voice from the Middle

Dog Sitting

In the last two weeks, I’ve dog sat twice. Once to Odin, my son’s puppy, while they went on vacation for 5 days. Odin is a little Beagle who is soft and cuddly. And, once for Larue, my daughter’s one-year old, for 4 days. Larue is a rescue who is the sweetest non-dominant demeanor dog […]

On Two Wheels

Biking is the bomb

Let me be clear, by biking, I mean pedal biking. Not Harley riding although I do have stories for another blog post. I’ve been biking for exercise and mental stability for about 10 years now.  I joke that I like it so much because I get to sit down while I’m working out.  Ha! The […]

Voice from the Middle We Are Family

The Grandkids are coming (again)

Every three weeks I watch my daughter’s two children, ages 7 and 3. The older a helpful, smart girl and the younger the most energetic boy you have ever seen. I love seeing them and we have a special relationship that has developed because I can see them regularly. My daughter is a nurse so […]