Dog Sitting

In the last two weeks, I’ve dog sat twice. Once to Odin, my son’s puppy, while they went on vacation for 5 days. Odin is a little Beagle who is soft and cuddly.

Odin and Buddy (my #dawginthehouse)

And, once for Larue, my daughter’s one-year old, for 4 days. Larue is a rescue who is the sweetest non-dominant demeanor dog I’ve met.

Odin had psychotic puppy energy that frankly, Buddy wasn’t going to put up with. This made for a long 5 days.  This and the fact he isn’t potty trained yet. (Which reminds me – call ZeroRez Carpet Cleaning)

Larue and Buddy played and played which was so fun. Larue being the non-dominant dog she is, pees whenever she gets excited. She gets excited a lot.

Larue and Buddy

I dog sat twice, but it only takes one dog sitting favor, to remind me why I have only one dog.

Buddy is enough #dawginthehouse.

– Namaste