Top 10 TV Series to Binge Watch

I haven’t had cable or dish for about 5 years now and I love it. Binge watching a TV series I may have missed when it was popular, leaves so many choices, I’d never be able to watch them all. It’s good TV too.  I have a friend who wants me to start the show, “Prison Break.” It may make my list soon.

I have access to three services: Netflix, Amazon Prime, and hulu. If I had to pick between the three, I’d pick Netflix. It’s a nice mix of good TV and movies. I wish they’d have a bit more selection of recent popular movies, but I’ve found some old movies I must have been living under a rock the year it came out.  (This happens. What can I say.)

Amazon Prime allows me to have free shipping on Amazon purchases. The service has the more recent choices of movies. It has TV, but the choices is anything but stellar. Users can pay for 48 hour use of current movies or pay for selected TV series.

hulu is nice because viewers can watch TV shows that are currently running, the day after they appear on ABC, CBS, NBC, or any channel you can find on cable.

For shits-and-giggles, I’ve made a list of a few of the series that stand out from the last six months. Let me know what you think I should try.

Netflix Standouts:
Santa Marita Diet (hilarious)
Better Call Saul
Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Amazon Prime Shows to Try:
The Americans
Pioneer Quest

hulu Latest I’ve Enjoyed:
Difficult People

– Namaste

The Color Wheel

pink  + =

So last September I moved into a new place. I love it and ever so slowly, I have been decorating. I bought new bathroom rugs for my two bathrooms – hot pink in the master and bright yellow for my sunflower themed public bathroom.

Last weekend, I washed said rugs.  To save time, I put all rugs in the washer together.  So you get it, my hot pink rug took my beautiful yellow rug and made it into this pukey color of orange (?) .


– Namaste


Quite the Spectacle

What happened to the lab tech when he fell into the lens grinder?
– he made a spectacle of himself


What did the right eye say to the left eye?
– Between you and me, there’s something that smells.

I picked up my new glasses today…….. From my mailbox.

It’s the only way to go. If you haven’t bought your glasses off of a discounted website, you need to.

I buy mine from Zenni. This is the second pair I have purchased and both fit great, so much cheaper than I was used to paying, and both came with great click on sunglasses.

– Namaste

March for Science

Love the posts, pictures, and news of the worldwide event last Saturday. (I made it to our local capital for my states version of the march. 08-march-for-science-0422-parisInspirational.) #MarchforScience became an idea soon after Trump became president, and asked for lists of EPA scientists working on climate change. This was the same time he was appointing ex-CEO of Exxon Mobile, Rex Tillerson, to be his Secretary of State, and appointing to head the EPA, an ex-attorney general who sued the EPA for his home state of Oklahoma 14 times. (Scott Pruitt) Scientists were being told there would be no press releases on climate change, and scientists were creating rogue Twitter accounts, while dumping data to servers outside the U.S. governments reach.

I’ve been assigned to write an article on the environment under Trump. It should be interesting. More on that later.

– Namaste