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Friday night dinners

Friday night dinners are still a thing after more than four years. If you followed me for some time, you’ll know the “what” and “why” of these events. If not, find out here. During Covid, these times together have been so special. It’s the only place we see people and interact — we’re each others […]

Outside Please Voice from the Middle We Are Family

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Ahhhhh… the smell of burning wood. One of the BEST things about having a yard is being able to have a fire ring again. This picture is from a recent “Friday night dinner” marshmallow roast. The grands and adults had a wonderful time. — Namaste

Dawg in the House Voice from the Middle


On this week of Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, let’s take a moment to discuss . . . Halloween. Yes, I’m late. But I have a story. On Halloween this year I was walking fuzz butt at about 5pm on Halloween. Who knew such things are happening in cemeteries. Yes, I walk Buddy […]

Outside Please Voice from the Middle

Coast to coast

On a recent camping trip I took with myself and Buddy. I drove to a town to use the libraries wifi and this town had this Coast to Coast store. Remember Coast to Coast stores? Well you may not because they were only in the Midwest. I googled it and they were bought out by […]